Vacation in Colorado, 2003


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We took a real vacation for the first time in several years.  Nine days in the Rockies near Denver.  Mountains, mountain towns, roads, walks, trees, rivers, lakes, stuff like that.  Wonderfully relaxing. 

Here's a quick photo tour of it.  Only nine pages.  Two things:

  • There are next page and previous page links on every page.  Use these to go from page to page.
  • Every small photo (thumbnail) is a hotspot that will bring up a large copy of the photo.  The large photos should fit onto a screen 800x600 pixels or larger.  Try maximizing your browser window to full screen to see how that works. 

To begin, select "begin tour" at the right.  Hope you enjoy the pictures! 

Rick & Bev

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From The Rockies and Bullwinkle
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