Chapter 04
The Jebby

Ahead of the curve once again, the most popular car

Our car is a Nissan Altima. In Texas, it is a moderately popular model of car. In Massachusetts, it is a very, very popular model. You can't drive down the road for more than a few miles without seeing one. The 2006-2011 models have very distinctive taillights and are easy to recognize.

We call it "The Jebby." The name comes, sort of, from its popularity. When I was a kid, the most common make of car was a Chevrolet. I remember hearing one year that every sixth car in the U.S. was a Chevy. Wow, that's some market share. So our car is sort of the Japanese Chevy, a Jevy. But in the music and street lingo of the 80s and 90s, Chevy was pronounced with a hard CH and B instead of V, as in Spanish, so Chebby. Combine them, Chevy plus hard consonants plus Japanese, and you get Jebby.