Chapter 18
Weather to Love


The weather here has been wonderfully unseasonal for the last several months. We just finished the warmest November and December on record. It's been between forty and sixty degrees almost every day for the last two months. (Fahrenheit. That's five to fifteen Celsius for you outlanders. And it's five to fifteen degrees Centigrade for you old guys.) Snow? A sprinkle that melted and evaporated by mid-morning, twice. Frost? Sure, any morning that it was near freezing at night, but that melts and burns off as soon as the sun hits it. Oh, boy, are we going to pay for this someday. Later this season? Next year?

Some people appear not to feel the cold the way most of us do. When it is, say, forty degrees and windy, I see a few people in shorts and T-shirts on the street. The joggers and track teams, one can understand. They are warm on the inside from exertion. But just walking down the street in light clothing when hypothermia is nipping at you, that's just nuts. A lot of it has to do with being twenty years old instead of sixty, but that cannot be the whole explanation. Most of the student types are dressed warmly. But not all. One even sees bizarre combinations, like parka, earmuffs, and shorts. Nuts.