Austin, Texas.  Yee-Haw, Bubba!



State Capital

Reserved parking spaces, limos and Pintos.  Beautiful capitol building.


Home of Dubya

Well, his home-away-from-home these days.


Overgrown College Town

Home of U.T., pop. 51,000.  (!)  Total city population over one million, due to recent massive influx. 


High Tech Center of the Third Coast

Lots and lots of dot-coms, and a few rather larger companies, too. 


Music, Music, Music

Austin bills itself as the "Live Music Capital of the World" and that may well be true.  Per capita, for sure.  On any given night, there are thirty or forty clubs with live bands, in this relatively small town.  And not just local kids, but people that you have heard of. 


Food, Food, Food

Austin also bills itself as having more restaurants per capita than any other city in the country.  Even though the population has exploded lately, this is probably still true.  For the first couple years here, we tried to go to someplace new every week.  As a result, we have been to quite a few of the local restaurants, and here are our comments.


Movies, Movies, Movies

We like movies, so we see our share of them.  Then we joined a group here called "Critics' Corner" that meets once a month to discuss a recent movie.  It's part of the Austin Newcomers organization.  Great fun.  The group has a web site here.  

Over the years, we've seen a lot of movies.  I remember a few of them, and, if you are interested, here is a listing of the ones that I think are worth seeing for a variety of reasons.  



Mild winters but toasty, toasty summers.  Check here.


Local Media

The local papers, electronically.

Austin American-Statesman Austin Chronicle