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  #  NameRatingPriceComments
  2  34th Street Cafe7$$$Very tasty food, trendy city atmosphere.  Just off Lamar.  
  3  Abuelo's7$$Pretty good Mex, but Chuy's has nothing to worry about.  
  4  Al Capone's4$Cheap red Italian lunches.  Not interesting.  
  5  Alamo Cafe (San Antonio)8$Worth the drive to San Antonio.  Inexpensive, very good, and, consequently, crowded.  Absolutely outstanding fresh flour tortillas with the chips and salsa.  Try the bbq brisket quesadilla as an appetizer.  
  6  Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas7$The food's pretty good, but the movies are great!  Can't beat watching new or old movies with beer and pizza.  Burgers good, fries great, pizza okay, Buffalo chicken salad wonderful.  
  7  Alborz Persian Cuisine4$Very strange food, at least to my taste. Dry, not much flavor.
  8  Alligator Grill (died)6$$Very good, unusual seafood and pasta dishes.
  9  Antonio's Mexican7$$Good to very good.  Better than most of the other places around.  Second  or third to Chuy's but that's still ahead of the rest.  
  10  Artz Ribs9$$Wonderful.  Killer ribs of several varieties.  Always voted best ribs in Austin, and for good reason.  Little place, music evenings. Artz is having problems with health and finances. We need to patronize it more to keep it open.
  11  Asia Cafe8$Real Chinese Chinese. Huge portions, family style. Many unusual dishes. So far: General Tso's good; Mongolian beef bland; Teppan pepper steak wonderful; orange chicken dandy.
  12  Asti Trattoria5$$$Three perfect pea pods for three ten dollar bills. Not a good exchange.
  13  Austin Diner8$Old-school diner. Breakfast all day. Fifties music. Shelves full of ancient toasters, mixers, other early "labor-saving" appliances. Oh, and the food is dandy.
  14  Austin Land and Cattle Company8$$$$Very good steakhouse, but expensive and long waits.  Not to be confused with the Texas Land & Cattle Co.  
  15  Austin Pizza Garden5$Great building (old courthouse) but ordinary pizza.  Crust and sauce okay, undistinguished.  
  16  Azul Tequila (Round Rock) (died)6$Good for lunch.  Unusual menu, e.g., six types of chili rellenos.  Avoid the tortilla soup.  
  17  B B Rovers6$Good weekend breakfasts.  Haven't tried the burgers yet.  
  18  Baby Acapulco5$Very indifferent Mex.  Big local chain, though. The purple (Everclear)marg is all alcohol and no flavor.  
  19  Bahama Breeze (died)7$$Very good food, mainly Caribbean seafood and chicken.  Large portions = leftovers.  But the noise level at dinner is painful; lunch is quieter.  
  20  Bakehouse7$$If you feel that your cholesterol is too low, this is the place for you. Great comfort food. Good food in general. Open late.
  21  Bangkok Cuisine5$$Competent pad thai, other dishes okay.  They don't really understand peanut sauce, though.  Needs more research.  
  22  Banzai Sushi7$Very cost-effective, student place.  Nigiri good, except tamago is substandard.  
  23  Bear Rock Cafe (died)7$$Chain, but very good salads and sandwiches.  
  24  Bellagio8$$$Terrific Italian restaurant, innovative dishes.  Patio with heaters and umbrellas.  Hidden in an unassuming shopping center in the Jester area. 
  25  Benny's Bagels (died)8$Best of the local bagel places.  Soft bagels in the modern style, not jaw-rigor-mortis-chewy, and very flavorful.  Chain of some sort, but a good one.  
  26  Bill Miller's BBQ5$Weak.  Large local chain.  Acceptable meats, brisket okay, but boring sides.  
  27  Billy's on Burnet7$Very good burgers. Nice outside tables.
  28  Blue Star Cafeteria6$$Bright, airy, and noisy. Good food, not great.
  29  Boat House Grill8$$Really good burgers, and the best onion rings of recent memory.
  30  Boatyard Grill6$Indoor/outdoor, next to Hula Hut, also owned by Chuy's.  Burgers, sandwiches, salads.  
  31  Boiling Pot (died)7$$Boiled crab, shrimp, crawfish, and, for the non-seafood-faring, sausage.  Rip 'em apart with your fingers, up to your elbows in shells and heads, yum.  
  32  Bombay Bistro8$$Very good. Nice atmosphere, light, clean. Lunch buffet with good variety. Naan is good if you get it fresh. Tikka masala is good, but korma is weak.
  33  Brick Oven6$$Interesting pizzas, some good pasta dishes.
  34  Broken Spoke6$One doesn't really go here for the food, but the bbq is pretty good.  This is mainly a music venue with a stage in the back room and table seating for several hundred.  
  35  Brooklyn Pie Co.7$$Huge NY-style slices, by the slice, or whole pies.  Toppings include a couple sausages and Italian meatball, which is dandy.  
  36  Bubba's Ice House (Cedar Park)5$$Good burgers, chicken fried steak, other Texas fare. 
  37  Buca di Beppo7$$Family-style Italian: giant dishes serve two or more.  Very good, red and white.  Don't go with fewer than four people.  
  38  Buffet Palace7$Better than it used to be, recently improved.  Wide variety of Chinese and Japanese dishes, including all-you-can-stand sushi, some of which is quite good.  
  39  Cafe Josie7$$$Excellent food and wine list.  Varied southwestern and other dishes.  Very small; plan ahead.  
  40  Cafe Mia7$Great sandwich and pasta place.  Pick ingredients from many choices.  Try the gyro or the meatloaf.   
  41  Canolli Joe's7$$Italian buffet, huge variety of dishes, many of them really good. Meats, pastas, salads, pizzas, pastries, the whole nine pounds. Fast for a day before and diet for a week after.
  42  Canyon Cafe (died)7$$Very good southwestern spin on Mexican.  Unusual and tasty.   
  43  Carrabba's Italian Grill7$$Good, innovative Italian, and the crowds to prove it.  Several in Austin and Houston.  Romano cheese instead of Parmesan in all the recipes for some reason. 
  44  Catfish Parlour5$Fried fish, shrimp, cheese, taters, and salad bar.  Cheap, homey, a cholesterol-rich environment. 
  45  Central Market Cafe7$$Very good sandwiches, soups, salads.  Terrace for good weather.  The parking is murder, but it's worth it.  
  46  Chango's7$Handmade Mexican semi-fast food.  Very good.
  47  Cheers pal. I do apicarpete the writing.1$$$Cheers pal. I do apicarpete the writing.
  48  China Cafe6$$Better than average, and good for take-out.  
  49  China One (Round Rock) (died)3$Chinese and other buffet.  Didn't like it.  
  50  China Star Buffet5$$Large buffet but not as good as advertised.  Said to be by far the best.  Nope. 
  51  Chinatown6$$Gets great reviews. Been there only once: one dish good, one bland.  Try again.  
  52  Chipotle6$Good sandwich place.  Well, burrito-style roll-ups, not sandwiches, and limited selection, but good.
  53  Chuy's9$Best Mexican in town. Several locations, all crowded because they're great.  The "chili festival" dishes are killer.  And the Elvis special chicken!  
  54  CiCi's Pizza6$Chain pizza buffet.  Mainly for the kiddies, but even my local pizza snob likes it.  And incredibly cost effective.
  55  Clay Pit5$$$Good Indian, some unusual dishes, sauces very rich. (Too rich for me.)  
  56  Conan's Pizza5$Pretty bland.
  57  Cool River Cafe6$$$$Mucho expensive.  And a good wine list at monstrous prices.  Nice food and good service, but not for this kid.  The food was not all that wonderful, regardless of the price.
  58  County Line, The6$$Famous BBQ chain from Houston, not as wonderful as its PR, good but overrated.
  59  Cozzoli's Pizza8$Great pizza!  Maybe second to Homeslice, but not by much.  Good crust, sauce, cheese, great crumbled sausage.  Hard to locate but worth it.
  60  Crawfish Shack7$$Crawfish, shrimp, crab, mild or spicy, boiled and delivered to your butcher-paper covered table. Shells on. You tear the poor creatures apart. Yum. And other goodies for people who don't like to play with their food.
  61  Crepes (SoCo trailer)7$Unusual assortment of very tasty crepes, many types and fillings. Eat at nearby tables.
  62  Cupcake (SoCo trailer)8$Outstanding (and large) cupcakes. Pick up dessert here.
  63  Curra's Grill7$$Varied and unusual Mexican menu.  Try the differently-spiced seafood and meat dishes.  Avoid the chorizo (greasy).  
  64  D & J's BBQ (died)6$Tiny little sandwich and take-out place on Burnet, back by the farmer's market and Dog Almighty.  Good bbq brisket, very cost-effective.   
  65  Dave & Buster's3$$Go for the video games, car racing, motorcycles, skee ball, and such, but not for the food.   
  66  Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet4$Good selection of things I didn't like.
  67  Din Ho Chinese Bar-b-q6$$So authentic that it's hard to find someone who speaks English to translate the menu.  Very tasty food, though, whatever it was.   
  68  Dog Almighty6$Good local hot dog and fixin's place.  
  69  Double Dave's Pizza7$Outstanding crust.  Weak tomato sauce and cheese.  But try again.  Take it home, sprinkle oregano on it, and re-bake it.  Now doing a buffet at lunch, too.
  70  Dragonfly3$$Crummy, greasy. In Lakeline Mall, choose a different place.
  71  EZ's5$Diner across from Central Market, popular.  Salads mediocre.  Burgers rumored to be good, but haven't had yet.  
  72  El Arroyo5$$Okay Mexican for lunch.  
  73  El Chico6$Round Rock.  Pretty good Tex-Mex, very good for a chain.  
  74  El Gringo6$$Unusual dishes, not just average enchiladas.
  75  El Mercado4$$Good but not great.  Overrated. 
  76  El Rey Mexican Food4$$Had the signature dish, nothing special.  Good but not great.  Rumored to be Sonoran rather than Tex-Mex.  Overrated. 
  77  Elevation Burgers6$Better than average but not great. Oddly the burgers are mini. Very good shoestring fries, though.
  78  Emperor Garden5$$Good sushi but not great. 
  79  Enchiladas y Mas7$Well above average plain Mex. A lot of flavor, good refritos.
  80  European Bistro (aka Hungarian Bistro)6$$Budapest comes to Pflugerville.  Mixed reviews: some food very good, some just okay.  Good atmosphere.  Service weak.   
  81  Fazoli's5$Bland Italian fast food.  Several locally.  
  82  Filling Station7$Very good burger-and-fries place.  Crowded but lots of parking in back.  
  83  Fire Bowl Cafe7$Quick stir-fry dishes for lunch or dinner, pretty good.  Order then sit.  Considerable variety.
  84  Firehouse Subs8$Great sub shop chain. Subs range from really good to outstanding. The "Steamer" is my fave.
  85  Fish City Grill (died)7$Good seafood, prepared in unusual ways. Have the chipotle shrimp appetizer.
  86  Fish Daddy7$Surprisingly good for a chain.  Reasonable selection of fish done various ways.  
  87  Five Guys Burgers7$Good burger, cheese, bacon. The bun, however, is soft and squishy. Mediocre fries, even with "Cajun seasoning," which seems to be just sprinkled cayenne. (National chain.)
  88  Flores Mexican (died)4$$Mediocre, bland.  Don't go back.  
  89  Flying Tomato Pizza7$Not the best but very good, and variety.  Lunch buffet, too, as many places do.  
  90  Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant7$Dim sum, great variety, wonderful hot chili sauce.
  91  Fran's Hamburgers5$Good burgers and fries, but not the best, as was rumored.  Smile as the grease drips down your elbows and your arteries harden. 
  92  Freda's Seafood8$$Varied and very good seafood dishes, many with a Cajun flavor, not just plain fish.  Also does Sunday buffet brunch, mainly seafood dishes, and very nice.  
  93  Fredericksburg Brewing Company7$$In Fredericksburg, this is the place to go.  Crowded, lines, but very good comfort food.  Burgers, chicken fried steak, and real German schnitzels and sausages. You can wait in the bar at the back and choose from several beers from their brewery.  
  94  Freebird's World Burrito8$Design your own from a large variety of ingredients, then make figures out of the aluminum foil afterwards.  Much more varied and better than Chipotle.  
  95  Fresh Choice6$Salad and soup cafeteria with lots of other dishes as well.  Much better than its competition. 
  96  Fujian Grand China Buffet6$Not good the first time I tried it. Big selection but few distinguished dishes. Better the second time.
  97  Fujiyama5$Well-made sushi, but bland, no flavor in the fish or the rice.  
  98  Fuschak's Pit BBQ4$$Disappointing. Ordinary, not much flavor.
  99  Galaxy Cafe7$$Very good sandwiches, burgers, salads, breakfast.
  100  Gattiland5$Another pizza buffet for the kiddies.  Acceptable if that's what you want.  
  101  Gino's (Round Rock)7$Good plain red Italian.  Very good, cheap lunches.  Pizza sometimes terrific, sometimes okay.  
  102  Golden Wok6$$Dim sum or Chinese off the menu.  Unusual flavors in the sauces, not bad but not great.  
  103  Green Mesquite BBQ6$Better than average, but not great by Texas standards.  Okay brisket, good sausage.  
  104  Guero's5$$Good and unusual Mexican on South Congress.  Clinton liked it.  
  105  Gumbo's9$$$Wonderful Cajun dishes.  And crowded because of it.  Go early to get a table.  Killer.  News: sorry, downtown closed. New location on 360 near Davenport.
  106  Habana8$$Great Cuban in south Austin and on 6th St.  Crowded, noisy, family place with real food.  
  107  Hangtown Grill6$Okay sandwiches.  
  108  Hao-Hao (Round Rock)5$Okay but undistinguished Vietnamese noodles and soups.  
  109  Hat Creek Burgers6$Competent cheeseburger. Fries need work; real potatoes but not crisp. They brag that their meat is "fresh, never frozen," but if you didn't care about that, you would never notice.
  110  Heavenly Dog7$Great hot dogs, variety of trimmings.  Tiny place.
  111  Hill Country Pasta House (620 S of 183)6$$Good Italian out in the 'burbs. Pray that you don't get the moron waiter we got last time.
  112  HoHo Chinese BBQ7$Very large selection of seafood and BBQed and marinated pork, chicken, duck dishes. And tasty. If it holds up on the next visit, will be promoted to an 8.
  113  Hog Island Deli9$Absolutely the best Philly cheesesteaks in Austin. Just wonderful.
  114  Hole in the Wall (died)7$Great hamburger joint.  The homemade kettle-fried chips are outstanding.  Thirteen beers on tap.  
  115  Homeslice Pizza9$Great pizzeria, but the slice or by the pie.  The best we have found in Austin.  Terrific crust, sauce, cheese, very NY-style.  
  116  Hometown Buffet7$Right next to Fry's, one-stop geek shopping for electronic toys and Oriental food. Good buffet, widely varied, including some seafood dishes that are said to be authentic. Includes sushi and a Mongolian-style grill in addition to the usual.
  117  Hoover's Cooking6$$Good, basic eats, like Threadgill's with a little more spice.  The chicken-fried steak is similarly overrated.  
  118  Houston's6$$$Pretty good standard American dishes, but not as good as reputed to be.  
  119  Hudson's on the Bend6$$$$Very famous game restaurant.  Way overrated.  
  120  Hula Hut6$$Mexican (owned by Chuy's) on the lake, crowded, noisy.  Patio in good weather.  Not up to Chuy's standards.  
  121  Hunan Lion7$$Very good Chinese, very flavorful.  Lunches and  Sunday brunch buffet.
  122  Hut's Hamburgers8$An Austin institution.  Great greaseburgers, great fries, onion rings you can use as bracelets.
  123  Hwa Yuan5$Chinese buffet, well down the list in this town.  
  124  Hyde Park Grill8$$Great burgers, tuna steak sandwiches, good salads.  In the running for the best fries in Austin.  An institution.  
  125  Ichiban Sushi7$$Good sushi, above average.  I noted that some of the fish was pre-sliced, for speed I assume.  And, yes, the service was fast.  
  126  Iguana Grill5$$On Lake Travis.  Fun, pretty good margaritas.  Food not wonderful.  The Oasis has a much better view.
  127  India Palace8$Indian buffet. Far West area. Many very good entrees, reasonable variety. Much better than we expected, and better than others in town.
  128  Iron Cactus8$$$Excellent Southwestern restaurant. One of our favorites.  Fun bar, too.  Locations on Sixth Street and at the Arboretum.  Free valet parking at Arboretum/Gateway site.  Now does a Sunday brunch, too, roll-your-own omelets and fajitas.  
  129  Iron Works Barbecue7$$Good bbq downtown.  Have to go again to try more things. 
  130  Japon Sushi5$$Not thrilled, though some patrons were.  Seemed vanilla to me.
  131  Jazz6$$Cajun on Sixth St.  Gumbo and creole good; blackened fish not very blackened.  Try again.  
  132  Jersey Mike's Subs8$The second-best cheesesteaks in Austin. (Second to Hog Island.) Wonderful, and authentic.
  133  Jim's Family Restaurant3$Pretty terrible chain.  Avoid.  
  134  Joe's6$Burgers, beers, sports. Noisy and friendly.
  135  Joe's Bar and Grill7$Good burgers, atmosphere. Loud, though.
  136  Johnny Carino's Country Italian8$$Very good Italian, usual and unusual meat and pasta dishes.  Must have the pepperoni bread.  Try the chicken pasta with gorgonzola sauce, killer.  
  137  K-Bob's Steakhouse4$$Good plain food, but a little too plain.  The much-touted chicken fried steak is maybe a little better than average.  Many desserts on the salad bar, if that's what you're looking for.
  138  Ka-Prow7$$Good sushi and Thai.  Some unusual menu items.  
  139  Katz's Deli6$$"Katz's Never Kloses."  24 hour breakfast and deli.  Good, not great.  Hardly the Carnegie Deli. Manny Hattan's is better (but not at midnight).  
  140  Kerbey Lane Cafe6$Okay local joint.  Very popular for breakfast and lunch items. Killer pancakes for breakfast and some good salads and burgers.  
  141  Kim Phung7$$THE noodle restaurant in this town.  Several kinds of noodles with lots of toppings.  The non-noodle dishes are pretty weak, though.  
  142  Kim Son7$$Above average dim sum. And an excellent chili oil made in-house.
  143  Kitchen Door6$Good sandwiches and soups.  Limited selection at Far West Blvd location, which is tiny.
  144  Kneaded Pleasures5$Sandwiches and salads, crowded at lunch. Mediocre. Weak chili, but terrific fries.
  145  Kobe Steak House7$$$Very good Japanese hibachi-style (think Benihana).  New sushi bar, too, that we haven't tried yet.  
  146  Korea Garden Sushi5$$Okay, perfectly acceptable, undistinguished.
  147  Korea House6$Sushi only medium, but tamago was good.  Popular, even crowded.  Big portions, but bland (for bulkogi).  Have to try again, since a lot of people seem to like it.  
  148  Koreana4$$$Okay Korean, not great.  Haven't tried the sushi. 
  149  Kyoto II7$$Good sushi and Japanese dishes.  Well above average.
  150  La Feria5$Mediocre Mex.  Just not much distinctive flavor.  The neon rates a 7, the food 5, the mariachis 4.
  151  La Madeleine7$$Chain of very good French cafeterias and bakeries.  Real butter, real quiche, great soups and breads. 
  152  La Margarita6$$Good Mexican, not great or unusual.  
  153  La Tapatia7$Neighborhood Mex on 183 and other locations. Extremely cheap, reasonable food. Apparently authentic, judging by clientele.
  154  Landry's Seafood House (died)5$$$Good but not great.  Overrated.
  155  Little Saigon (died)4$Vietnamese and Chinese.  Some good, some not so good, overall not wonderful.  Might give it a second try.
  156  Logan's Road House5$Okay burgers and such, but very, very salty.  Killer rolls the only redeeming item I could find.  
  157  Lone Star Cafe5$Good burgers and other family fare. Big local chain.  
  158  Louisiana Longhorn Cafe (Round Rock)7$$Very tasty Cajun po-boys, etouffee, dirty rice.  Outstanding boudins (Cajun sausage).  
  159  Luby's5$Local cafeteria chain.  Weak but not dangerous.  
  160  Lucky Dog8$Chicago comes to Austin: spicy sausage sandwiches, several kinds, and steak sandwiches.  Great place for lunch.  
  161  Macaroni Grill (Romano's)7$$Chain of Italian grills.  Okay, and recently improved. Better if you're picky about what you have.  
  162  Magnolia8$$A little of everything, and all of it great.  Little diner with little parking lot and big fan club. 
  163  Maiko7$$Good sushi and sashimi, some unusual roll combinations.  Trendy and crowded.  
  164  Malaga Tapas & Bar8$$Excellent.  Wide variety of tapas dishes of seafood, veggies, meats, cheeses, sauces.  Stay for a couple hours having one of these, one of those.  Good wine selection, too.  
  165  Mama Fu's 7$Order then sit, unusual selection of Chinese dishes, some very good.  Chain.
  166  Mandarin House5$Small buffet. A couple interesting dishes, but not memorable.
  167  Mandola's Italian Market8$$Restaurant and market of celeb chef. Good dishes. Order then find a table, indoor in the a/c or outdoor by the fountain. The market makes breads, mozzarella, gelato daily.
  168  Mangia Chicago Stuffed Pizza6$$Pizza, upside-down Chicago style, they say.  In any case, good toppings and sauce. The wheat crust is too dry, though.   
  169  Mangiano's7$$Better than expected for a chain restaurant.
  170  Mann's BBQ7$Good selection of central Texas style BBQ: brisket, sausage, chicken.
  171  Manny's (formerly Manny Hattan's)9$$Great deli!  Not the Carnegie, but then nothing else is.  Outstanding meats, sandwiches.  Beware the greasy (but tasty) onion rings.  
  172  Manuel's6$$$Good Mexican.  Inconsistent.  Sometimes very good.  
  173  Maru7$$Good to very good sushi.
  174  Masala Wok7$Order-then-sit Indian. Curry dishes come with rice and nan. Sauces good to very good. If you want it spicy, ask for "hot." The nan is weak, a little thin, but okay.
  175  Matt's El Rancho6$$Very good Mexican.  A local institution in south Austin.  
  176  Maudie's Cafe6$$Good Tex-Mex.  Small, crowded.  Queso rumored to be the best in town.  
  177  McCormick & Schmick7$$In the Frost Bank building.  Great bar food happy hours and weekends, cheap with the drinks.  Calamari and burgers to start.
  178  Mesa Hills Cafe5$$Okay salads, undistinguished.  But a large menu that requires more sampling.  
  179  Mesa Ranch7$$Dandy country place with steaks and lots of other things on the menu.  Go back and try some more.  There is now a second one in south Austin.
  180  Mesa Rosa8$Good local Mexican neighborhood place, and inexpensive and fast, and loud and crowded and fun.  Some unusual dishes, too.  Best restaurant neon in town at the new 620 location.  
  181  Mesquite Grill BBQ6$Good to very good, esp. sausage, but not up to Rudy's.  
  182  Mezzaluna (died) (twice)5$$$Unusual Italian, spotty quality.  Tried several times.  
  183  Midori Sushi7$$Very good sushi and a moderate Japanese menu, too.  Change of management, 100% staff turnover.  Not sure if quality will be up to par for a while.  Slow.   
  184  Mighty Fine Burgers8$Nearly the best burgers in town. Simple menu of burger choices (and a lonely chili dog), add-ons, condiments, sodas, and shakes. Crinkle-cut fries. Order then sit. Great greaseburgers.
  185  Mikado Ryotei5$$$Really pricey and really not exceptional sushi and Japanese.
  186  Mirabelle7$$$Fancy food but very informal atmosphere. No problem with jeans so long as you bring money. Good selection of unusual dishes, extensive wine list.
  187  Mom's Cafe (Round Rock)6$Pretty good burgers and sandwiches for lunch.  
  188  Momiji Sushi8$$Very good neighborhood sushi place. Sunday thru Thursday dinners, most rolls and nigiri are half price. Some unusual items, too, like sweet potato roll, which is dandy, several colors of tobiko.
  189  Mongolian Grill8$Standard Mongolian-type grill, many choices of ingredients and make-your-own sauces.  Very tasty, good, economical.  
  190  Montana Mike's6$$Family-style steak house, pretty good steak and mashed.  
  191  Monument Cafe (Georgetown)8$Great diner, breakfast/lunch food. Just off I-35.
  192  Moonie's Burgers9$THE best burger in Austin. Thick burger, many toppings, big toasted bun. Crispy fries and sweet potato fries, and wonderful onion rings.
  193  Moonshine7$$Really nice restaurant in old downtown building.  Steaks, fish, pork, all with great coatings and sauces, unusual salad combos.  And great Sunday brunch.
  194  Ms. B's7$$Heart-stopping (rich, not spicy) Cajun.  Bisque and etouffee sauce start with a stick of butter.  Flavors to die for.  
  195  Musashino9$$$Best sushi in town, great.  Said by many travelers to be as good as Tokyo.  Three or four chefs, so fast service.  Open dinner only, 5:30-10:30, no Mondays.
  196  Nagoya Steak & Sushi7$$Nice new place on 620. Sushi good to very good. Unusual and very good presentation of tamago (egg, sushi dessert). Have not tried the hibachi side yet.
  197  New China Buffet6$$Good Chinese dinner buffet.  Many dishes, varied, very good.  Better than Buffet Palace, in my opinion.  Glad it's in my neighborhood. 
  198  Niki's Pizza6$Crust has great texture but not much flavor. Tomato sauce bland, but can be rescued with enough oregano.
  199  Ninfa's Mexican (died)7$$Really good.  The best frijoles we've ever had.  But the chain (from Houston) just changed hands, we hear.  
  200  Noble Pig8$Sandwiches in this little place on 620 in NW. Avoid the lamb, which is stringy, but the pork and bacon are terrif.
  201  Noodleism7$$Very good various noodles with oriental things on top.  Very modern interior place down on 5th Street.  
  202  North & South China9$$Excellent Chinese buffet, the best we've found in this area so far.  The dishes on the large buffet all taste distinctly different, and mostly wonderful.  Some sushi, too.
  203  North by Northwest 6$$Local microbrewery with a variety of American and Continental fare, pretty good but not exceptional.  
  204  O'Daku Sushi7$$Lots better than average. Good rolls. They tend to make the rolls large diameter.
  205  Oasis, The8$$Multi-level sunset lounge on the side of a very high hill overlooking Lake Travis. Food is okay. Margaritas are good, and large. View is terrific. We go in December in short sleeves just to get our pictures taken that way.
  206  Oishi Sushi House (died) (twice)  :-(n/an/aThai and sushi buffet.  The sushi slices may be a bit thin, but you can always get more.  Take a big group for a fun lunch.   Died recently but was reborn as a similar Thai restaurant and sushi bar. Died again, reborn as mediocre Chinese buffet.
  207  Old Alligator Grill, The (died)8$$Very good Cajun in very informal old wood bar atmosphere. Try blackened fish covered with etoufee and dirty rice on the side, yum.  Part of the movie Office Space was shot in here.  
  208  Omelettry, The6$Popular and inexpensive neighborhood place for breakfast and lunch.  Pretty good.  
  209  Opal Divine's5$$Many,many beers. Mediocre food.
  210  Origami4$$Sushi barely acceptable. 
  211  Original Pancake House, The6$$Killer breakfast treats.
  212  Osaka Mansun8$$Good sushi, very large selection of really good rolls. Good Japanese dishes, limited selection but very well done.  Great neighborhood Japanese place.  
  213  P. F. Chang's China Bistro6$$$Very good, very unusual Chinese food.  Extremely crowded, too.  Free valet parking.  (Chain from San Diego.)
  214  Pacific Star Seafood7$Good broiled and fried fish.  A little heavy on the butter, but that may be a forgivable sin.  
  215  Papa Murphy's Take & Bake Pizza5$Boring. The thin crust is better than the thick.
  216  Pappadeaux Seafood6$$Cajun seafood chain from Houston, owned by the same family as Pappasito's Mexican.  Extremely crowded at any time, bring a book to wait. 
  217  Pappasito's7$$Local chain from Houston.  Haven't actually been to this one, but the ones in Houston are very good Tex-Mex.
  218  Pavarotti Italian (died)3$$A real disappointment.  Three dishes with very different descriptions all had the same sauce: bland, bland, and bland.  Could it have been the chef's night off on a Saturday?
  219  Pei Wei6$Design your own, order then eat Chinese. Not as good as Firebowl.
  220  Peony7$$$Very good Chinese, great variety as well as traditional dishes.  
  221  Phil's Ice House8$Very good burger joint, attached to Amy's Ice Cream on Burnet. (Rumor says that Phil is Mr. Amy.) Innovative burger and fixins combos, and sweet potato fries. Also mini-burger sampler plate for the indecisive.
  222  Pho Kim6$Vietnamese soup and noodle bowl place, good for lunch, and popular.  
  223  Phoenicia Bakery7$Not a restaurant, but a great Greek grocery store with a killer selection of olives, cheeses, pastries, and imported goodies.
  224  Pizza Nizza4$$Unusual, very crispy crust and very little cheese.  Mediocre.  
  225  Pok-e-Jo's Smoke house3$$The weakest of the local chains.  Most of the time the meats are dry and flavorless.
  226  Polvo's4$Much advertising, but the day I had their lunch buffet it was all the same, and not very interesting.
  227  Primo 3607$The gelato joint next to the Arbor theater. Very good gelato, like eight or ten flavors most days. Many coffees, pastries, and such, too. Sit and relax after the movie.
  228  Promise Pizza7$Very good thick crust. Sweet tomato sauce could use more oregano. Drawback: 'all natural' sodas = Brand X and no diet anything.
  229  Pyramids7$$Good  Greek.  Some traditional dishes absent from the menu, but some very tasty unusual dishes added.  
  230  Quality Seafood6$Good fish dinners and sandwiches.  Also, the only serious fish market in town.
  231  Ranch 6168$$Very good Southwestern and Texan menu. Great interior, too.
  232  Razoo's5$$New Cajun place from Dallas.  Good for the kiddies, or for adults whose arteries can withstand fried everything.  Good blackened fish, though.  
  233  Reale's8$Very good red Italian and pizzas.  Neighborhood place, not much known but crowded anyway.
  234  Red Brick Pizza4$Pizza lite.  Insubstantial crusts and strange flavors at that.  
  235  Red, Hot & Blue (died)6$Various forms of bbq, Memphis style, good so far.  Actually has good pulled pork.  Chain, I'm told.  
  236  Roaring Fork8$$$Outstanding downtown restaurant. Variety of beef and fish, great wine list.
  237  Rockfish (died)7$$Good to very good fish, unusual preparations, sauces.  Terrif for lunch.  
  238  Rockin' Tomato Pizza8$Good pizza, salad, soup buffet.  The soups are surprisingly good.  The cheesesteak and pepperoni stromboli are absolutely killer.  
  239  Romeo's9$$Wonderful Italian restaurant.  The one on Barton Springs Road has a lovely outdoor patio for temperate lunches and dinners. 
  240  Roppolo's Pizza8$Nearly the best in the area.  Good crust, good toppings, not too runny.  Dandy.  
  241  Rosie's Tamale House4$Very different Mexican, not great, but very inexpensive, family place.
  242  Round Rock BBQ5$Until recently, the only place in the area with decent pulled pork.  Little hole in the wall.  
  243  Ruby's BBQ 5$$Overrated. Does well because it's right next to the campus. Do not confuse with bbq places of similar spelling.
  244  Rudino's Pizza (Cedar Park)7$Good crust, good sausage. Cut into squares instead of wedges. The sauce needs a little extra oregano on it.
  245  Rudy's BBQ9$The best bbq in the area, we think.  (Except for ribs; go to Artz.)  Plastic trays and butcher paper.  Moist brisket is killer; lean brisket and smoked turkey breast are wonderful.  Several kinds of ribs, sausage.  At least three sites in Austin. Oh, and wonderful breakfast tacos until 11.
  246  Ryan's Family Steakhouse6$Very popular buffet place. Less bland than the average.
  247  Sago Modern Mexican4$$Undistinguished.
  248  Saltgrass Steakhouse (Round Rock)7$$Surprisingly decent for a chain steakhouse.  Good steaks and salads.  Also retail sales of steaks. 
  249  Salvation Pizza5$Acceptable but undistinguished.    
  250  Sambet's Cajun Deli7$Wonderful soups and sandwiches.  However, the place doesn't really feel clean, so you may wish to get your food to go.  
  251  Sampaio's5$$Brazilian. Exotic sounding but not all that tasty.
  252  Sarovar7$$Very good northern Indian.  Excellent dishes with sauces and breads.  Okay rice.  Sweet mango chutney, homemade, was weak.  
  253  Satay6$$Good Thai, especially take-out.  Classic pad thai, satay, chicken-basil dishes.  Popular.
  254  Seranno's Cafe4$$Mediocre Mexican food plus higher prices add up to no return trip. 
  255  Shady Grove6$Good outdoor place on Barton Spring.   Queso, burgers, salads, fun.  
  256  Shanghai River4$Weak buffet, bland, some greasy.  Too bad.  Would be nice to have another good choice right next to Alamo Drafthouse North.  
  257  Shilla Sushi7$$The only Korean BBQ place we've found in Austin
  258  Shoal Creek Saloon7$Very good Cajun food and burgers in rowdy, fun bar atmosphere.  
  259  Silver Grill7$$Good burgers, outstanding fries and potato salad, good slaw. The bbq is weaker: the turkey was pieces-parts and not very smoky, and the pulled pork was way too salty. Beware the "Cheddar Pour," which is way too large for any normal human. Used to be "J & J BBQ & Burgers."
  260  Sirloin Stockade6$Better than average chain of American dinner buffet places. Better than Golden Corral, fersherr.   
  261  Son Thai7$Vietnamese noodle bowls and rice plates.  Very tasty chicken and pork, spring rolls.  And fruit smoothies with pearls.  
  262  South Congress Cafe8$$Terrific, imaginative Southwestern, in comfortable modern surroundings.  Wonderful flavors and combinations.  
  263  Star Seeds7$Good diner/dive right on I-35. 24 hours. Breakfast anytime. Unusual combinations, tasty, and huge portions.
  264  Star of India5$Barely passable Indian.  A lot of Indians won't go there.  Lunch/dinner buffet.
  265  Steiner Ranch Steak House5$$$Way overrated on the first visit. Will give it another chance if someone else is paying.
  266  Stone House Grill3$$Not good.  Maybe we just had the wrong dishes, but really didn't like it.  
  267  Stubb's6$$Good bbq, but not the best.  The Sunday morning gospel buffet is fun if you get a good band.  
  268  Sushi Sake5$$$Good sushi but not great.  The best sticky sushi rice I have ever tasted, but other elements bland. 
  269  Suzi's China Grill8$$Very good Chinese, unusual and unique dishes.  Good atmosphere, popular.  
  270  T C Noodle House7$Very good Chinese, and some unusual dishes seen nowhere else.
  271  T&S Seafood8$$Really, really good for weekend dim sum.  Some westernized, some authentic.  Crowded, so go early.  
  272  Tacodeli8$Great variety of unusual tacos. Very crowded at lunch for good reason.
  273  Taj Palace7$$Very good Indian.  Great curries and bread.  Tried this again several times, not quite up to the first experience.  Not quite Gaylord's of Palo Alto, but then what is.  
  274  Taqueria Arandas7$(The one on Burnet Rd.)  Popular, ultra-cheap, lots of food, and pretty good.  The pork is especially tasty.  
  275  Tea House7$Brand new, Vietnamese and Chinese.  Good noodle bowls (bun).  Now does dim sum Sundays, very good.  
  276  Texadelphia3$Sort of a steak sandwich, but the city of Philadelphia should sue for misuse of the name. 
  277  Texas Chili Parlor6$Good but not great.
  278  Texas French Bread Co.3$Disappointingly bland.  The French should sue.  
  279  Texas Grill (Bastrop)7$Out of the area, but deserves a mention for their absolutely outstanding chicken fried steak. 
  280  Texas Land and Cattle Co.7$$Not great but pretty durn good.  Chain. At least three locations in Austin.  Crowded, long waits.  The "signature smoked sirloin steak," the chipotle chicken, and the salads are good to very good.  Tends to be salty, but not nearly so bad as Outback.
  281  Texas Roadhouse7$$Good chain. Good burgers, great ribs. Partly owned by Willy.
  282  Thai Spice7$Dandy lunch buffet, very tasty and varied.  In the little shopping center next to Fry's. Just took over the late Oishi Sushi House, now sushi buffet plus limited Thai menu; still pretty good.  
  283  The Bagelry (died)3$Pass on this one.  Tough and bland.  Dead now, I think.
  284  Threadgill's6$$Another local institution.  Good, plain food, comfort food. Sorry to report that the chicken fried steak is way overrated, mediocre.  Claim to fame: Janis Joplin got her start here.  
  285  Tien Hong (died)7$$Dim sum weekends.  Good, but the food is just not as good as T&S.  Better atmosphere, tablecloths and all, and.
  286  TinTinNio (died)8$$$Outstanding new, imaginative Italian restaurant.  Wonderful combination dishes, and very attentive.  
  287  Tino's Greek Cafe6$Very much like Zorba's. Gyro plate with sides.
  288  Tokyo Steak House7$$Very good sushi, and hibachi grill tables.
  289  Torchy's Tacos (S. 1st St. trailer)7$Variety of very good tacos, to-go or eat at nearby tables.
  290  Tree House6$$$Good Italian.  Nice atmosphere, experience.  Local landmark with giant tree.  
  291  Tres Amigos6$$Good but not great.  Very cheesy.  
  292  Trudy's Mexican7$Another local institution.  Good Tex-Mex, imaginative, tasty.  One location has a breakfast buffet on weekends that is very good.  
  293  Tuscany Market4$$$Very overpriced, typical $40-and-still-nothing-for-dinner kind of place, price per serving way out of line.  And boring pizza.  
  294  Twin Dragon6$$Good dim sum, wide selection.  Maybe even a little too authentic, with duck feet and tripe soup.  
  295  Ultimate Cheesecake5$$Cheesecakes of various types to go; also delivery.  Not bad but not nearly so good as the owner says it is.  
  296  Umi Sushi8$$Great sushi, decor, moderate prices.  Too bad it's so far south, hard to get to from our neighborhood.  
  297  Verandah6$$Good burgers and salads.  Huge menu with amazing variety.  But too nice for its location in a downscale shopping center.  
  298  Vespaio7$$$Famous, popular, expensive Italian cuisine, dinner only.  
  299  Walburg Biergarten7$$Real sauerbraten and wienerscnhitzel, and imported German beer bottled and on tap.  
  300  Waterloo Ice House (Round Rock) (died)3$Big menu but blah.  And appallingly bad service.  
  301  West Lynn Cafe7$$Vegetarian, very good, variety of complex dishes.  
  302  WhichWich8$Outstanding design-your-own sandwich place, crowded at lunch because it's really good.  (Chain.)
  303  Yaghi's New York Pizza7$$Very good pizza, great crust, yes New York style.  However, weak tomato sauce, needs doctoring with oregano.  
  304  Z Tejas9$$$Excellent Southwestern fare, one of our favorite places.  On Sixth Street and at the Arboretum, where they even have a deck with a view of Great Hills. 
  305  Zakia's Greek Cuisine5$Indifferent. Good grape leaves. Very weird moussaka, an eggplant stew instead of lasagna-like casserole.
  306  Zax6$$Interesting fare, varied and unusual menu, well done.
  307  Zen7$Japanese fast food, believe it or not.  Rice dishes covered with spicy chicken and other goodies.  Very tasty, fast, nice people.  
  308  Zio's (died)4$New Italian chain that just opened.  First try was indifferent.
  309  Zorba's (Round Rock)6$$$$Decent Greek for lunch.  Gyro plate with meat, bread, soup or salad, couple sides.   

A total of 308 restaurants matched your criterion.