Space Pictures and Pointers

Earth Satellite Pictures

A few sample pictures from various satellites and imaging technologies: Landsat, SIR-C, SPOT.

Hubble Telescope Pictures

For those who might still be skeptical about the Hubble Space Telescope, here are a few examples of its spectacular results.  I don't know about your eyes, but to mine, the detail, the colors, and the subtlety of the images is just astonishing compared with the best of earth-bound telescopes.  

These are just a tiny sample of the images available from Hubble.  

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Deep Field Survey


catseye.jpg (27387 bytes) Cat's Eye Nebula Deep field south 1.jpg (305963 bytes) Deep Field Survey South, an area that appears empty to the eye JupWSmap.jpg (48410 bytes) Jupiter in real color
EtaCar.jpg (108258 bytes) Eta Carinae Deep field south 2.jpg (470985 bytes) Same image, really large version (500KB) Saturn aurora.jpg (213808 bytes) Saturn with aurora visible in polar regions
large_hubble_spirograph_nebula.jpg (16126 bytes) Spirograph Nebula Deep Galaxies med.jpg (228321 bytes) Deep Field Galaxies imaged in infrared
Ring Nebula.jpg (52302 bytes) Ring Nebula Deep Galaxies.jpg (310462 bytes) Same image, really large version (300KB)
large_ant_nebula.jpg (35553 bytes) Ant Nebula
veil1.jpg (44108 bytes) Veil Nebula
cygnushst.jpg (38912 bytes) Cygnus Nebula

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