Glass Mountain Inn

Bed and Breakfast

Boy, I hope this place still exists. This was a very nice, cozy B&B near St. Helena. Just off Silverado Trail, near Lodi Lane, in a nicely restored Victorian house. Good breakfast. Wine tasting every evening with some fruit and cheese. Very small, only a few rooms, due to some odd local zoning.

Slight diversion, with a lesson.

Our room had a balcony between the house and part of the hillside that had been cut away. We often had lunch or a snack on the balcony. One day I was looking at the exposed roots of a tree in the hillside, at some peculiar rock in the roots. On closer examination, the rock turned out to be obsidian, pure black, volcanic rock. My brother the geologist explains that it forms when certain lava cools so quickly that it doesn't have time to crystallize, so it forms this amorphous substance, like a glass. A glass. Glass?. Light bulb. Glass Mountain? Glass Mountain? Quick, ask the owner. Yes, there is an old obsidian quarry on top of the hill, just through the patch of poison oak.

This got my attention. Like the mule and the two-by-four. Hey, maybe I should pay attention to place names. Maybe they mean something, sometimes, not just random collections of names from some real estate developer. What a concept! Imagine how I felt when, later that day, I passed the sign for "Diamond Mountain Road."

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