What's the Oakville Grocery Store?

Highly recommended, that's what.

As you're driving north on Rt. 29 in the middle of Napa Valley, just past the sign for the Oakville Grade Road, which goes off to the left, there is a medium size building on the right side. Yellow, bleached, cheap siding. Stairs up to a front porch. An old round, red Coca-Cola sign on the side. A little parking lot filled with cars. A couple walnut trees for blessed shade in the summer.

Inside, the store appears more prosperous. This is basically a very good fancy-food-and-wine store with something for everyone. No, that's not fair. This is a wonderful store. They carry

Yes, it's expensive, but so what? If you're wandering around Napa Valley in the middle of the day, you're on vacation, right? Spend a little.

Oh, I almost forgot. This store can actually be dangerous: they take plastic.

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