Wineries to Hit in Napa

Favorites and almost-favorites

Your mileage may differ:

Don't Miss

If you are going to spend a day or more in Napa Valley tasting, there are a few wineries that you shouldn't miss. Or, to put it another way, if you were there with me, you wouldn't miss them because I would insist that we stop at these wineries. Don't miss Very sketchy Napa Valley map1.gif

Worth a Stop

There are many other good wineries in the valley that are worth a stop, if you have time. (In order, more or less, from south to north, up the valley.)

Save Your Time

Look good from the outside, but undistinguished wines.

Save Your Tongue

Cool labels, and some even widely known, but pretty odd wines.

Comments and flames to the author: "Why use logic when there's a flamethrower handy?" Hey, go ahead. I didn't exactly leave the gloves on when I wrote this.

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