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Bev & Rick Go to France for Vacation 2014


Bev & Rick went to France in the summer of 2014 for a couple weeks.  We started in Paris, then took a bus tour, then a week on a river cruise, and finally back to Paris.  It was really a wonderful vacation. 
  • The Viking bus tour went through the Loire valley, and stopped at the chateaus of Chambord and Chenonceau, and some interesting small towns.
  • The Viking river boat tour concentrated on the wines of the Bordeaux region, including Margaux, Sauternes, Cognacs, and St. Emilions.  Yum, yum. 
We took lots of pictures on the way, selected some of the most interesting ones, and have put captions with them to tell others why we think they are interesting.  Please join us on that tour. 

How to view the pages and pictures

  • At the top and bottom of each page are the usual web site navigation tools.
  • Each picture has a thumbnail picture and a caption on the main page.  The thumbnail is a hotspot.  Click the thumbnail and you will get a large picture, as large as will fit on your screen, or maybe larger.  
  • If the cursor is a magnifying glass with a + sign in the middle of it, then clicking again in the picture will enlarge it further, up to the maximum resolution available, so you can see details.
  • (Firefox and Chrome do this correctly; Internet Explorer and SeaMonkey, sorry to say, tend to give you a large picture first, often larger than the screen, so you may have to scroll around in it, or de-magnify it to see it all.  And I'm not sure about Safari.  As ever, Ctrl-plus and Ctrl-minus will make the picture larger or smaller in your browser window.)  
  • Use the BACK BUTTON in your browser, or the BACKSPACE KEY on your keyboard, to get back to the page full of thumbnails and explanations. 
  • (The pictures have all been reduced in size so that you can retrieve them quickly over the internet.  If you really, really want to see a the original high resolution version of a photo, please send me an email.)
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