Rick's Picks from June 1996 Tasting Trip to Napa and Sonoma

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VarietyWineryYearOther Label InfoRatingPrice and Comments
BarberaMartini & Prati19945$10
no nose
good jug
Cabernet FrancRombauer1989Le Meilleur du Chai, Napa Valley6-7$35
lt nose
dry, long, fruit, berry
56% cab franc, 35% cab sauv, rest merlot
Cabernet FrancRombauer1993Napa Valley5-6$20
lt nose
1 ton, fruity
Cabernet SauvignonJordan1991Alexander Valley7-8
med strong, varietal
1/2 ton, dry, currants, cherries
Cabernet SauvignonCakebread1985Napa Valley7-8
v strong berries, cherry, sharp
still 1 ton, cherry
no subtlety
Cabernet SauvignonGirard1992Estate Grown7-8$22
intense fruit, cherry, berry
dry, fruity, berries, 1/2 ton max
drink soon, << years td>
Cabernet SauvignonDe Loach1992Russian River, OFS7-8$25
strong varietal, currant
complex, long, raisiny, 1/2 ton, dry
drink soon
Cabernet SauvignonSilver Oak1991Alexander Valley7-8$35
v intense fruit, cherry, berry
1/2 ton, dry, intense
Cabernet SauvignonKunde19937$17
big nose, currants
1/2 ton, dry, fruity, open
Cabernet SauvignonFreemark1989Bosche7$24
varietal, blackberries
no tons but dry, long, very berry
Cabernet SauvignonRombauer1992Napa Valley7$24.75
strong varietal
1 ton, blackberry, dry
Cabernet SauvignonGirard1987Napa Valley7$28
fruit, black cherry
v dry, 1 ton, intense
Cabernet SauvignonCakebread1991Rutherford Reserve7$42.50
heavier, deep fruit
1 ton but explosive fruit, dry
Cabernet SauvignonGrgich Hills1989Napa Valley6-7
cherry, fruit
dry, fruity
Cabernet SauvignonDe Loach1994Sonoma Cuvee6-7$12
good varietal
no tons, explosive fruit
drink now
Cabernet SauvignonBeaulieu1993Rutherford, Napa Valley6-7$14
fruity, sl closed
nice, spicy, well-balanced
Cabernet SauvignonDe Moor1991Napa Valley6-7$15
strong fruit
v dry, grape, blackberry
Cabernet SauvignonFreemark1992Napa Valley6-7$17
intense black cherry
no tons but dry, berries, smooth, med long
17% Merlot
Cabernet SauvignonRaymond1992Napa Valley6-7$17
no tons, fruit, spice
strong, delightful, dry
Cabernet SauvignonCakebread1993Napa Valley6-7$24
v strong, black cherry, blackberry
dry, <1/2 ton, berries td>
Cabernet SauvignonKenwood1993Jack London Vineyard6-7$24
spicy, half open
deep varietal taste, long, dry
Cabernet SauvignonGrgich Hills1992Napa Valley6-7$26
intense fruit
1 ton, dry
okay now
Cabernet SauvignonDe Moor1986Napa Valley6-7$28.50
heavy raisin, spice, 1/2 ton
dry, fruity, strong
Cabernet SauvignonB R Cohn1993Olive Hill, Sonoma Valley6-7$32
big nose
1 ton, long, dry
Cohn was the mgr of the Doobie Bros
Cabernet SauvignonCuvaison1991Napa Valley6-7$34
med nose
no tons, fruit, spice, black cherry, dry
dandy, ready now
Cabernet SauvignonGoosecross1992Bernard Pradel, Howell Mountain, Napa Valley6-7$35
strong varietal
good, strong taste, 1/2 ton, dry, currants
Cabernet SauvignonChateau Montelena1992Montelena Estate6-7$36
varietal, black cherry
dry, fruity
Cabernet SauvignonStonegate1991Napa Valley, Estate Bottled6
1/2 ton, blackberries
dry, nice
drink soon
Cabernet SauvignonHaywood19936
lt nose
1 ton, berries, med long
Cabernet SauvignonQuail Ridge1991Reserve, Eisele Vineyard, Napa Valley6
strong, varietal, some fruit (peach?)
sweet, med, good, smooth
Cabernet SauvignonHess Collection19936$ 9.50
2 tons, intense, fruity
ready now, sharp, fruity, med long, berry, dry
Cabernet SauvignonVilla Mt Eden1992Cellar Select6$ 9.50
fruity, grapy
nice straight cab. not complex
Cabernet SauvignonB R Cohn1994North Coast, Silver Label6$14
long, berries, strong
Cabernet SauvignonMilat1992Napa Valley, Estate Bottled6$15
v strong, spicy, cloves
spicy, strong
Cabernet SauvignonKenwood1992Sonoma Valley6$16
lt nose
long, strong, berries, dry
Cabernet SauvignonKenwood1990Sonoma Valley6$20
good fruit, cherry, sharp, raisin, complex
<1/2 ton, med long td>
Cabernet SauvignonZD1993Napa Valley6$27
1 ton, fruit, varietal
med long, strong
Cabernet SauvignonRutherford Vintners1979Napa Valley5-6
wonderful, raisiny, grapy, deep, berries
soft, no edge
sl brown
several years past its time, so sad
Cabernet SauvignonBuena Vista1992Carneros Estate5-6$14
fruity, black cherry, no tons
thin, med long
drink now
Cabernet SauvignonVichon1993Napa Valley5-6$17
raisin, berry
dry, 1 ton, berry undertaste
Cabernet SauvignonVilla Mt Eden1992Grand Reserve5-6$18
good varietal
1/2 ton, med intense
Cabernet SauvignonBuena Vista1992Carneros Grand Reserve5-6$24
soft, fruity
Cabernet SauvignonGoosecross1992Pradel, Yountville Ranch, Napa Valley5-6$25
med nose, varietal, cherry
dry, 1 ton, med long
Cabernet SauvignonQuail Ridge1989Reserve, Eisele Vineyard5-6$30
good varietal
good, spicy, smooth, dry
Cabernet SauvignonKenwood1988Aritst Series5-6$40
med nose
med, 1 ton, cedar
Cabernet SauvignonQuail Ridge1990Napa Valley5$14
v light, some fruit
ok, not much character
ChardonnayGrgich Hills1993Napa Valley8$26
classic, oaky, buttery
full, long, a little citrus late
oaky, sweet, citrus, vanilla
dry, sharp
v good
ChardonnayCarneros Creek1992Mahoney Estate, Las Redras Vineyard7
varietal, sl citrus, high alc
full, grapy, fruity, sl sweet
ChardonnayAcacia1990Marina Vineyard, Napa Valley7
like a sauvignon blanc
long, sweet and sour
sweet, grapefruit
ChardonnayVilla Mt Eden1994Cellar Select7$ 9.50
clean, citrus, apple
not dry, fruity, citric
ChardonnayCuvaison1994Napa Valley, Carneros7$16
citrus, grapefruit
full, smooth, sweet, *not* citrusy
ChardonnayGirard1993Old Vines7$18
chard varietal, oak
good, smooth, strong
ChardonnayGrgich Hills1992Carneros Select, Napa Valley7$35
oaky, smoky
not dry, fruity, pear
fruity, vanilla, flowery
acid, full, sour late
sweet, sl citrus
long, classic chardonnay
ChardonnayHendry1994Block 96-7
oaky, flowery, butter
soft, fruity, butter, smoky late
ChardonnayNewton1994Napa Valley6-7
lt nose, apple, maybe pear
oaky, smooth, sl sweet, med long
traditional chardonnay style
oak, vanilla, sl sweet
fruit, tart, sweet under, long
ChardonnayHess Collection1994Napa Valley6-7$15
sweet, grassy, oaky
delightful, high palate, acid, sour late, long, hi alc
ChardonnayDe Loach1994Sonoma County6-7$15
oaky, little citrus
big, citrusy, smooth
ChardonnayWhite Rock Vineyards1994Napa Valley6-7$18
oaky, sl smoky, some butter
light, flowery, some acid late
ChardonnayChateau Montelena1993Napa Valley6-7$23.50
smooth, nice, med long
perfect example of new style
straight fruit
sweet, lemon, dry
ChardonnayCuvaison1994Carneros Reserve6-7$30
med, citrus
sl sweet, smooth, vanilla
ChardonnayFranciscan1994Cuvee Sauvage6-7$30
v oaky
fruit, sweet, apple
v lt nose
tart, long, apple
musty, smoky, green
deep, long, sl sour
ChardonnayMarkham1994Napa Valley6
light, not citrus, varietal
oak, apple, 1/2 grapefruit, med long
lt, good acid, citrus
good fruit, sl sour late
ChardonnayStonegate1992Sonoma County, Bella Vista Vineyard6$14
lt, citrus, grapefruit
smooth, med long, sl sour late
ChardonnaySaintsbury1994Carneros, unfiltered6$15
clean, citrusy, apple
big, acid, fruity, some oak & butter, sl sour late
ChardonnayVichon1994Napa Valley6$16
good varietal
sweet, crisp
ChardonnayKenwood1994Beltane Ranch6$18
classic oak, butter
little tart, fruit, med
ChardonnayGoosecross1994Napa Valley6$19
oak, some butter
varietal, acid, sl citrusy late, 1/2 grapefruit
ChardonnayB R Cohn1994Sonoma Valley, Joseph Herman Reserve6$20
oak, citrus
good, clean, citric, acid
ChardonnayCakebread1994Napa Valley6$22.50
lt, oaky
citrusy, v long
ChardonnayGrgich Hills19926$30
v oaky, deep
oly med long
ChardonnayMayacamas1993Napa Valley5-6
citrus, oak, lemon
sl medicinal, very high alcohol 14.25%, sour, currants
v light yellow
ChardonnayRobert Mondavi1994Central Coast5-6$10
none, v light
good, sl citrus, good acid
ChardonnayMilat1994Napa Valley, Estate Bottled5-6$11
fruity, pears
sweet, extremely fruity
ChardonnayDe Moor1994Napa Valley5-6$12
light, oaky
medium, sour late, chewy
ChardonnayQuail Ridge1993Napa Valley5-6$13
clean, strong, good citrus
tart, sour v late, soft
ChardonnayRaymond1994Napa Valley Reserve5-6$13.50
lt, citrus, rich, apple
citrus, med long, nice
ChardonnayKenwood1994Yulupa Vineyard5-6$14
citrus, 2 grapefruits, lemon, Coppertone suntan lotion
good, med long
no kidding, Coppertone
light, oak
good but not great
ChardonnayBuena Vista1993Carneros Grand Reserve5-6$22
woody, earthy
oak, acid, some fruit, sl lemon, med long
ChardonnayFranciscan1994Oakville Estate5-6$24
v light
strong but non-specific
yellow gold
price at restaurant, would be okay as a house wine
ChardonnayDe Moor1993Napa Valley5
oaky, light citrus, sweet
thin, sour late
ChardonnayTrefethen1994Napa Valley5
little if any
1 grapefruit, sour late, short
ChardonnayBuena Vista1994Carneros5$12.50
sl sour, lemony, short
ChardonnayKenwood1994Sonoma County5$14
citrus, 1 grapefruit
sour late
ChardonnayKenwood1993Sonoma Valley Reserve5$18
sl butter, otherwise light
full, sour late
oaky, woody
complex, buttery
Burgundy style
ChardonnayRavenswood1993Chateau Cache$ Fl'eau4-5
v light
sl closed, low-pitch fruit, woody
ChardonnayRavenswood1995Vintner's Blend4-5$ 9.50
med nose, earthy
oaky, sour late
ChardonnayCrichton Hall1992Napa Valley2
sweet, raisiny, syrupy, vanilla, overpowering
sour, sweatsocks, awful
dark gold
overheated or oxidized, I think; bad bottle.
ChevrignonVichon1994Napa Valley5-6$12
good sauvignon blanc
v citrus, dry
blend of sauv blanc and semillon
CuveeQuail Ridge1992Moonshine Vineyard5
like cabernet, spicy, like pinot
sweet, dry, short
odd nose
CuveeConn Creek0"Anthology"5$30
austere, dry
supposedly Bordeaux-ish cuvee
Fie DouxDe Moor19957
v straight, sweet, fragrant
fine, not overpowering
Fume BlancGrgich Hills1993Napa Valley, Dry Sauvignon Blanc5-6$14
pink grapefruit
GewurtztraminerDe Loach1995Late Harvest6-7$15
citrusy, 1/2 grapefruit
sweet, complex, no tang
like a Riesling instead of a Gewurtz; price is for 1/2 bottle
MerlotFranciscan1994Napa Valley6-7$17
lt fruit
like a cabernet, big, spicy, dry
MerlotDe Moor1993Napa Valley6$15.50
varietal, berry
v dry
MerlotShafer1993Napa Valley6$18
sharp, peppery, fruit
MerlotVilla Mt Eden1993Grand Reserve5$16
v light
no fruit
Pinot NoirCarneros Creek19946-7
raisiny, spicy
light, smooth, long
SangioveseMartini & Prati19946$10
light nose
spicy, long
Sauvignon BlancCakebread1995Napa Valley7$13.50
v fruity, lemony
sweet, powerful, smooth
Sauvignon BlancTopaz1991Napa Valley, "Late Harvest Special Selection"6-7
strong varietal, sweet
med long, smooth
deep gold
50-50 sauvignon blanc and semillon, 11.7% residual sugar
Sauvignon blancDe Moor1993Napa Valley6-7$ 9.50
clean, fruity
strong, clean, hi alc
Sauvignon BlancDuckhorn1994Napa Valley5-6
very fruity, sl citrus, acid
sour late

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